Sunday, July 17, 2005

1st real post since living here for almost a fortnight

sorry i didn:t get around to this til now but i:ve been moving around quite a bit. and as for my speelig and gramr don:t read to closely because the japanese keyboard ain:t what im use to.

here is the last photo i took of good ole` america.
how i miss her.

a heavy fog lay over chicago as it almost always does and lake michigan can be seen beyond the city.

the next shot is my first look of japan. my home away from home. home never smelled tasted looked so funny.
this is, i believe, the northern side of kansai. for those of you not hip to my tips, kansai is the prefecture i live in which includes the osaka city. osaka is the 2nd largest city in japan, next to tokyo. it has 2.6 million redsidents and over a million commuters a day. i know, i counted. actually been reading my travel books a lot for the info and just to read something in english.

here is a couple of shots of osaka. one from at night in downtown called dontonburi and one from a giant ferris wheel in the middle of osaka.

this place was a couple of blocks down from my hotel and had the best food and karaoke places in the area. i:ll get to the karaoke another time. time is short.

every major city you go to they have a giant ferris wheel. there:s some wierd facination there, i don:t know. they use every square foot here above and below. underground malls snake through the city and everything surrounding the city is over 5 stories min. osaka actually has two center cities to make up for its size just so one side doesn:t feel left out from the action.

on the right is a quandry. what is it? look at the top center of the photo and you:ll see a yellow thingy. is it a bird is it an decide. prize to the first to properly identify that thing.

finally a picture of the four of us one the ground and safe and sound in osaka international airport. the first picture taken on the crime free streets of osaka.

there are plenty more pictures to come, but until next time friends and family...

much love,

jeff erin jenn kevin