Wednesday, January 25, 2006

new year`s resorution revorution begins #1

Like all resolutions this one stumbled and fell off the starting line. However, from now on I'll try to update a photo per week. Erin an I came across an art exhibit of contemporary Japanese calligraphy. I asked a woman, dressed in a traditional kimono, if I could take her picture and she agreed in near fluent English to my surprise. What's more she turned out to be one of the artists and continued to give us a detailed explanation of everything from the technique to her favorite piece, which turned out to be her own. As you can see from the above photo these works were of large format ranging from 2x5 ft - 10x 30 ft. She went on to tell us the ink is traditionally all-natural, rather expensive and often has perfume additives just to enhance the smell. The paper is usually handmade and at least 10 years old but, even this won't restrict the artists from attempting perfection over a 150 times for a single piece. Due to this unique combination of traditional ink and paper the brushstrokes produce an almost auric quality from each character. Afterward she presented us with a disc of traditional Japanese ink! Supposedly you just crush it up with pestle and mortar and add water. I'm looking forward to experimenting with this interesting ink.


Blogger Jake said...

Wow, that's fascinating! And I love the composition in the photograph -- really captures the scale of the artwork.

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