Sunday, January 01, 2006

Those of you who still find illustrated pictures of poo funny, like myself...whenever yall come to visit let me know in advance so I can get you a reservation at the "LUCKY PLAZA for human" of course.
Just some Japanese graffitti
From previous posts you`ve all seen Buddha wearing a bib but since it`s Winter now he has been sporting a beanie.
...more graffitti.


Blogger Kathy Bender said...

I was so surprised to find more most excellent human you pictures!!! Great stuff Jeff and Erin - you will have some stories to tell and pictures to show. Maybe when you get back in the USA you could go on tour. They sure have a way with words and art - ack!!! Love ya! MOM

5:13 PM  
Anonymous Dad said...

Hi J&E, Great additions to both blog sites. Love that that Japanese slang. However, I'm having a little trouble visualizing a Japanese guitar player doing Bob Marley. That must be illegal in at least Jamacia. Glad everyone liked the x-tree. I looked all over for one with lights that would fit in the box! Hope that is the end of the snow for you. We had some and it looks like we could get more if the % drops. Talked to your Mon in Chi and she sounds good. Keep the adventures coming, Dad

5:58 PM  

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