Thursday, February 16, 2006

The Shogi Blues Ain't So Bad

I went to the Tennoji Zoo and took a bunch of pictures but, I took my best shots of the bums that live in the surrounding area. These guys have a pretty nice set-up. Apparently the local government doesn't mind too much that they build sizeable homes with locks on their doors, T.V. s and even slippers for indoors. To pass the time they sing karaoke on the streets or in the parks and play Shogi (similar to chess) and Go (not similar to anything) on homemade boards.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Because I'm the Fishman, yeah I'm the Fishman #2

I snapped this photo at the a three-day festival in honor of Ebisu. Ebisu is one of the 7 lucky gods. You could pick him out of a police line-up pretty easily. "That's him officer the jovial chubby guy with the fishing rod in one hand and big red fish under his arm." Every year thousands of people come to his shrine to throw money and pray for prosperity and good fourtune.