Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The Ghost of Kyoto

Erin and I enjoy visiting Kyoto, the first capital and oldest city of Japan, every so often to take in one of the many temples and shrines. On one of our last visits we happened upon a ghost. We ventured into Kyoto on the last day of another night festival. A selected number of temples were illuminated and open to the public, including a Zen rock garden and one of the Great Buddhas. On display were numerous National Treasures_personal possessions of the emperor. Actually we stumbled upon the knowledge of the night festival when we wandered into a local art gallery in Kyoto. Over tea and amongst new friends we partnered with serendipity again. Hopefully you will be able to enlarge these photos. An empty room with only a single candle burning illuminates a Japanese character. Just to the right of the character is a green light (ghost, of course).

While I took the photos I didn't see a thing, however the light appeared on a number of these shots. I stood in the same place and the light seemed to move from left to right and then I heard a booming voice "NO PICTURES, PLEASE!" It was the security guard...or was it?

Believe what you will, but just keep in mind the green light showed up only on the pictures, it was an empty room, I was alone and I didn't move the light, err sorry, the ghost did.


Blogger Kathy Bender said...

Loved the pix - greens the theme - in ice cream and ghosts - huh?! Happy to see new blog pix - getting some dive and island pix ready I hope!? Love ya, MOM

4:28 AM  

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